The Arcadia Group Becomes a Shardus Development Partner

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Dallas, TX, Tuesday, December 10th, 2019The Arcadia Group has signed a contract with Shardus to serve as a Shardus Development Partner. As businesses and entrepreneurs come to the Shardus Association seeking support in building decentralized applications with Shardus, Shardus Development Partners will be there to support them.

In their current state, most decentralized public applications today are not built for global adoption. Many decentralized applications are limited to a POC due to the scalability constraints of the blockchain networks they’re built on. Shardus is an SDK to create application-specific decentralized networks capable of linear scalability. With Shardus, developers can build public DApps that are scalable, require little resources to operate a node and provide instant finality.

“The Shardus Association is excited to partner with The Arcadia Group to help organizations develop their own decentralized applications and application-specific networks with Shardus,” said Omar Syed, Co-Founder & Lead Developer of the Shardus Association. “Kamish and his team are a well-known group of DLT focused developers based here in Dallas, TX. As projects come to Shardus seeking developer support Arcadia will serve as a great partner to help the ecosystem scale.”

Arcadia is a full-service blockchain software development company that works primarily in chain-level development, network scaling and communications, privacy-preserving technology, and decentralized applications. Arcadia is notable for its completion of the first complete C++ implementation of RAP-BIP-47 and for its’ work in transactional privacy and deanonymization research.

“Arcadia is pleased to begin working with Shardus, we look forward to enabling entrepreneurs and businesses to build their solutions atop the Shardus infrastructure. Sustainable, scalable infrastructure such as the kind used in the Shardus SDK, is a necessity for the continued growth and feasibility of decentralized technology infrastructure for both mass-market adoption and it’s usage in more enterprise use cases,” said Rasikh Morani, Co-Founder & CTO of The Arcadia Group, “We look forward to assisting in the growth and usage of the Shardus infrastructure and look forward to seeing it one day be the standard for decentralized applications.”

About Shardus

Shardus makes it easy for developers to create and launch their own decentralized network that is dedicated to their application. A decentralized application that expects to have a large number of transactions flowing through it needs it’s own network and cannot share the same network with other applications. Shardus uses state sharding and auto scaling to allow networks to linearly scale to accommodate any amount of future load just by adding more nodes to the network.

About The Arcadia Group

Arcadia works to make life easier for businesses, decentralized organizations and individuals looking to get software built in the blockchain space with a focus on scaling solutions, network communications, and privacy-preserving technologies.

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