Mobile Programming Becomes a Shardus Development Partner

Dallas, TX, Thursday, December 19th, 2019Mobile Programming LLC. has signed a contract with Shardus to serve as a Shardus Development Partner. As businesses and entrepreneurs come to the Shardus Association seeking support in building decentralized applications with Shardus, Shardus Development Partners will be there to support them.

In their current state, most decentralized public applications today are not built for global adoption. Many decentralized applications are limited to a POC due to the scalability constraints of the blockchain networks they’re built on. Shardus is an SDK to create application-specific decentralized networks capable of linear scalability. With Shardus, developers can build public DApps that are scalable, require little resources to operate a node and provide instant finality.

“The Shardus Association is excited to partner with Mobile Programming LLC. to help teams globally develop their own decentralized networks and applications,” said Omar Syed, Co-Founder & Lead Developer of the Shardus Association. “Mobile Programming has 17 years of experience that they bring to teams building on Shardus, with over 800 employees and 2,500+ apps successfully delivered”

Mobile Programming as an industry leader in delivering IT, advisory, and implementation services, and is excited to bring our IT advisory expertise, project and transformation management capabilities and experience and work as Shardus Development Partner. We are committed to helping Shardus deliver excellence across its business and is certain that the value that Mobile Programming will provide for system development initiatives will have a positive impact on Shardus business operations.

“Mobile Programming is thrilled about the potential that Shardus will bring its users and we are excited about the future of working alongside a technologically advanced platform. There is no limit to what Shardus and Mobile Programming can accomplish by working together. We look to rely on our expertise in development as Shardus leads the charge in breaking down barriers of traditional blockchains.”

About Shardus

Shardus makes it easy for developers to create and launch their own decentralized network that is dedicated to their application. A decentralized application that expects to have a large number of transactions flowing through it needs it’s own network and cannot share the same network with other applications. Shardus uses state sharding and auto scaling to allow networks to linearly scale to accommodate any amount of future load just by adding more nodes to the network.

About Mobile Programming LLC.

Mobile Programming is an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2012, and ISO 27001:2013 Certified, Minority Owned Business Enterprise (MBE) firm and offers a full stack engineering service with expertise in Mobile and IoT implementation. We are recognized for providing clients with the capability to cost effectively integrate Mobile Innovation and IoT into their business model.

The company has focused on bringing digital solutions to enterprises and our team possesses a rock-solid foundation in legacy technologies and when combined with cutting edge skills, our experience is unmatched. This potent offering has made the company one of the premier IoT and mobile app development organization and a trusted technology partner of Fortune 100 organizations.

Mobile Programming Value Proposition and differentiating advantages includes:

  • Industry-leading IT Project Management and Transformation Capabilities. We bring effective and streamlined practices in IT project management, requirements analysis, consolidation and optimization, design and development, process improvement, and change management and have successfully implemented it on multiple engagements at the Fortune 100 organizations. We provide practitioners certified in many relevant areas, such as Project Management, Change Management, and Training with the knowledge and expertise needed for success.
  • Full Stack Developers. A vast talent pool with expertise and full-stack development capabilities in several conventional as well as emerging technologies.
  • Cutting Edge Technical Expertise. Proficiency in a wide-range of trending technologies such as Mobility Solutions, AI, AR/VR, Big Data & Predictive Analytics, Cloud Computing, IoT, Machine Learning, Blockchain implementation and more.
  • Diversified Industry Expertise. Developing future-ready solutions for clients operating in a variety of industries/verticals to help them achieve optimum productivity by bringing a fresh perspective to the table.
  • Longstanding Client Relationships. Be it a loan processing app, clinical trial related app, a white label mobile app or a Blockchain based solution, delivering best-in-class products and service while adhering to deadlines has helped us gain our clients’ trust, resulting in long-term collaborations with most of our clients.
  • End-to-End Development Capabilities. We harness advanced tools, SDKs, frameworks, and proven methodologies to create and execute development strategy for end-to-end mobile and web application development and ensure scalability of the applications.
  • Continued Support/Maintenance. Our Application Support services focuses on two areas: break-fix support and application enhancements. This includes production and functional support for custom applications and package implementations.

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